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This is an IFP Academy Certification Program.  The program is designed to give individuals  the proper credentials to instruct the beginner and advanced beginner student. The course includes a self-paced video module, an online training test and a 1.5 hour final evaluation. You may choose to complete your final evaluation online, with an approved IFP Academy Evaluator, or at select Engage Pickleball Camps.


In order to receive your Instructor Certification, you will need to be assessed by an IFP Instructor/Evaluator.  If you have communicated with an Evaluator, you will need to indicate their name AND the state of the Evaluator upon registration.



  • 3.0+ player skill level
  • A minimum of (8) months of Pickleball experience.



  • $199.00 includes the IFP Bronze Membership (and benefits).
  • OPTIONAL: General and Professional Liability Insurance may be added to cart separately.

Certified Teacher - Beginner/Plus

SKU: 0001
  • This is an IFP Certification Program.  Designed to give individuals who wish to instruct the credentials to do so.  The appropriate certification level will be provided based on their level of play, teaching ability and more.

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