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The next


in pickleball Training, RATING & Certification

The International Foundation of Players Academy (IFP Academy) is setting new standards in Instructor Certification, Instructor & Player Training, and Pickleball Rating.  The IFP Academy is dedicated to certifying and training the world Pickleball instructors and players.

The IFP Academy is dedicated to the players (and instructors) of the world and is recognized by many global entities.  We also recognize the need to give back.  Our grant program (designed to help the least developed countries around the world) provides free equipment and training to help spread the sport we have all grown to love.

In 2020, the International Federation of Pickleball selected the IFP Academy to be their official training entity globally.


In 2021 the United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA) named the IFP Academy as their official Pickleball training partner.  Supporting 14k tennis instructors.

Throughout 2020-2022 Pickleball Associations around the world recognized the IFP Academy Pickleball Certification, Rating and Training for their countries.

Our vision.  To be the largest pickleball certifying and training entity for pickleball around the world.

Our mission.  To create the best training programs and material.  To make you (the pickleball instructors and players of the world) our #1 priority.


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