This course certifies individuals that are proficient in Pickleball mechanics and strategy to teach individuals up through the Advanced level (4.0 – 5.2 Skill level). The course includes a (2) hour self-paced video,  (9) hour evaluation at one of our training events or centers over 1 1/2 days.



  • 4.5+ Skill-level.
  • Tournament experience.
  • (9) months of Pickleball experience.
    • Note:  For those with a background in racket/paddle sports an ‘IFP Training Certified’ workshop  is available to exempt you from the (9) month requirement.



  • $399.00 
  • OPTIONAL - General & Professional Liability Insurance: $75.00.

Certified Instructor - Advanced/Plus

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  • This is an IFP Certification Program.  Designed to give individuals who wish to instruct the credentials to do so.  The appropriate certification level will be provided based on their level of play, teaching ability and more.